Quick Bio

Real name: Sonny Benoît

Born in: Sherbrooke, QC, Canada,1982

E-mail: sonny.benoit@hotmail.com

This is me fullfilling an old dream.

Favorite video game system: Sega Genesis
Favorite genres: Shoot’em up, fighting games
Favorite shmups: Ibara, R-Type III
Favorite fighting games: Street Fighter III: 3S, Guilty Gear XX
Favorite movies/series: Berserk, The Seven Samurais, Grave of the Fireflies
Favorite music: Blockhead, Thievery Corporation
Least favorite music: dance music
Favorite sports: martial arts, Ultimate Frisbee
Least favorite sports: jogging (sorry honey), golf (sorry dad)
Favorite food: rice, spicy stuff, cheesecake, raspberries
Other interests: outdoor activities, eating
Dislikes: dishonest people, hypocrites, negativism

How it all started...

Well well. I'm not the kind of guy who likes to talk about himself so much but I figured it could be interesting to know a bit about me. So here I am.

I've always been a fan of video games. I've been playing video games a lot since I was a kid (and still do). I've also been collecting video games for over 15 years, picking a bit of everything from everywhere (garage sales, online auctions, collector meetings, local shops...). I'm mostly focusing on 2D gaming, especially arcade type games. I'm a sucker for aiming at high scores... challenge me anytime at any shmup, I'll do my best to keep up with you!

About 9 years ago, I bought two arcade cabinets at a yard sale (a Mario Bros and a Xevious). These cabs worked but were not 100% functionnal. I opened them to see what it looked like from the inside and was hoping I could learn to fix them. At that time, there was too many things going on in there for me to fix anything. Then, one night, as I came back from a party (I still partied back then...), I passed in front of the  "Centre 24-Juin: Centre de Formation Professionnelle" and there was a setup showcasing an electronics repair class. Hey, this was two blocks away from my appartment and I was unemployed at that time. Needless to say I signed up and started taking classes about how to repair TVs, DVD players and sound systems.

There they are, my first two cabs (plus an extra DK one I picked up later). I unfortunately had to part with all of them when I moved to a smaller appartment. Seeing a picture of them brings so many good memories.

I graduated and then worked in a local repair shop for some time. I then worked in industrial repair lab (at Service Electro-Techno Inc.) for a few years. At some point, I realized that, although I liked the job, something was lacking for me there.

This is when I started a reflexion which led me to sign up to the Physical Education Teaching program at the University of Sherbrooke. That was in 2008. I'll graduate in 2012 and will hopefully start teaching Physical Education to teens or kids (I haven't decided which I like the most yet). Quite a change from Electronics repair, I know.

So as of now, I'm doing classic video game systems mods/repairs as a hobby which I love and which I nonetheless take very seriously. I'm mostly active as a modder during summer since school is off but I'm accessible all year long.

Damn I look like a mad man on this picture. Maybe I was thinking about leaving my job back then.

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